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Are you wasting easy sales opportunities?

Without well-executed follow-up, you're losing sales. Take our Assessment Test and find out!


How much are you missing out on?

Without well-executed follow-up, you're losing sales in all 3 categories.

Marketing Leads

Increase loan officer conversations by 98%. New leads from any kind of corporate marketing: SEO/paid search, social, affiliate, tv/radio, print, Super Bowl ads. Precision campaign handling avoids poor ROI and eliminate loan officer blowback. Improve ROI by 36% without lifting a finger.


A best-in-class follow-up strategy ensures you capture the low-hanging fruit. The corporate and individual loan officer databases of all past clients. You've heard the stats: [should generate xx% of your sales from database]. 56% of people say they'll return to loan officer but only 18% do. 

Referrals Leads

Stand out from the referral partner feeding frenzy. Referral partnerships with loan officers and the company are the lifeblood. Realtors, builders, financial advisors, divorce attorneys, accountants, etc. But a shocking percentage of these valuable referrals fall through the cracks without great follow-up. 

Loan Officers should be Presenting to Qualified Borrowers, not doing Follow-Up.

It's counterintuitive. ​Follow-up is grinding through all of the tasks to generate those Qualified Conversations. The outcomes are Qualified Conversations with interested borrowers. Stop pretending that the loan officer should do this. Let systems handle the work. Take the Assessment and see how your systems compare.

Qualified Borrowers Mean Qualified Conversations

Qualified Live Transfers have been screened, scored for viability and intent, and are interested to speak to the loan officer now. Guaranteed not to waste loan officer time.

Qualified Calendar Appointments are screened for purpose and intent. Attendance should be >85%. The loan officer just has to show up -- no admin work is necessary.

The 5 Pillars of a Follow-Up Strategy

Does your follow-up strategy meet the industry benchmarks?

Metrics That Matter


Production Increase


Recovered Web Opportunities


Improved LO Answer Rates

Shaking Hands
…have been able to add additional volume each and every month…

D. Young, Branch Manager, GA

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