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transforms financial vulnerability into mortgage strength for your borrowers who are serious about a brighter financial future.

Borrowers complete the 5-Step
Mortgage Strengths Process™ and we guarantee they'll be in a stronger position to buy or refinance a home.

About Us

Our Founders & Team have decades of experience in and around the mortgage industry. 

Companies we have built have helped more than 1 million consumers get mortgages, improve their financial strength, and protect their personal information.  We have run mortgage firms, created mortgage products, partnered with the largest mortgage lead generators, and pioneered consumer financial wellness programs.

In our travels, we realized that up to 91% of prospects are not yet ready to transact at the time of application. Our Mortgage Strength platform helps the lender focus their attention on the 9% NOW borrowers, while we nurture and follow-up on FUTURE borrowers that could take months (or even years) to qualify for a new loan. 

The Mortgage Strength process mitigates and eliminates the key roadblocks that prevent hopeful borrowers from being ready to transact -- issues with CREDIT, DEBT, and CASH are all addressed as part of a single integrated Strength Hub.


Numerous studies show CREDIT, DEBT, and CASH are the majority of denial reasons preventing consumers from securing a new loan, and these issues should be addressed together, not separately.  We learned that technology was needed to assist our high-performance coaching centers and programs to maximize our impact. 

If your client is in the 91% that need support now, know that we target situations involving high consumer debt, bad debt, credit damage, thin credit, and debt optimization as part of a single Mortgage Strength need. 

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