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The Benchmark 

Benchmark Assessment

The definitive assessment of your organization's current infrastructure to capture every possible sales opportunity.

Complete in 10-15 minutes to receive your Assessment Report:

  • "Follow-Up" Rating

  • Comparison to "best-in-class" systems

  • Estimated production increase

  • Highlighted cost savings / ROI improvement

  • Roadmap for priority actions

This is not a theoretical exercise. It is a practical tool for you to immediately increase sales and decrease costs.

Follow-Up Benchmark Assessment


What systems are in place? What tools do individual loan officers have? Is there accurate tracking of every activity and outcome? Have investments been made in specific technology, or is it just re-packaged?


Are follow-up procedures ad-hoc or discretionary? Or are they standardized? Are processes cross-functional or siloed within individual groups? What procedures are there for measurement and review?


Who is officially responsible for follow-up? Who's unofficially responsible? Is there a culture of urgency and discipline? What are the incentives? Does senior management communicate the importance of follow-up?


Is database follow-up standard across the company or left to individual loan officers / branches? Is every eligible contact in the database receiving touchpoints? Are annual review appointments standard? Who owns the database - loan officers or corporate? 

Marketing Leads

What process do inbound leads take to get to the right loan officer? Is "speed-to-lead" actually happening? Are leads being effectively screened and scrubbed or just 'thrown over the fence' to loan officers? Who answers the phone? What is your true ROI on each unique campaign?


Do you have tracking for every pre-approval issued? What's the average time to application? What is the conversion rate? How are non-immediate pre-approvals followed-up? Is follow-up a standard corporate, or discretionary for LOs? What other value can LOs offer referral partners?

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