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Your 3 Sources Of Sales

But having those opportunities is only half the battle: without exceptional follow-up systems, too many of them never turn into applications or funded loans.


Call your database! It's the classic understanding of the follow-up that LOs "should" do. It's true, this is a goldmine -- as close to a sure thing as one gets in life. But as you know from Follow-Up Facts, it's not an effective use of time for LOs to sporadically thrash around in their databases. And so, decade after decade, the database never gets contacted. That's the most common issue with database opportunities.

 → Start with Annual Mortgage Reviews, and move to Quarterly Sphere Touchpoints over time.

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Marketing Leads

A significant amount of corporate sources leads. Email, SEO and paid search, affiliate providers, digital media partners, tv, radio, print, sponsorships, Super Bowl ads. You get the idea. One of the greatest challenges is the effective distribution to retail branch LOs. Without an optimized system across the organization, hot leads get delayed, confused, misrouted,  A wave of unqualified leads slip through to LOs and waste their time, who very quickly learn to not answer the phone.

  → Traffic Cop delivers speed-to-lead, real-time lead scoring, dynamic & intelligent live transfer routing, and 'not-qualified' nurturing are key elements of an applied Follow-Up system.

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Referral Leads

Individual LO relationships including Realtors, builders, financial advisors, divorce attorneys, accountants, etc. And any strategic relationships the company has. An example of a common failure of follow-up systems here is pre-approvals getting issued but then forgotten for any consumer not ready to immediately complete an application.

  → After maximum 7 days, the Pre-Qual Anti-Stall process automatically initiates engagement of every pre-approval until they're ready for an application - whether that's in one day or one year.

Sales Operations Platform

We organize and take action on messy customer acquisition processes.

The 5 Pillars of a Follow-Up Strategy

Does your follow-up strategy meet the industry benchmarks?

Follow-Up Benchmarking

Take the Assessment and see how your sales organization compares to Best-in-Class.

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