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The Facts 

Metrics That Matter

A real follow-up system that measures all the important activity and performance metrics, so it can be managed with precision and you know exactly what return on investment you're getting.


Production Increase

Follow-up generated 16% increase in total production company-wide.


Recovered Web Opportunities

New process for marketing lead intake identified & resurrected neglected leads


Improved LO Answer Rates

Implemented real-time lead scoring and dynamic live transfer distribution to LOs.


Production ROI

For every $1000 invested directly in follow-up campaigns.


Nurture Loans

Long-term nurturing of credit denials for 5 agent consumer direct center.


Internal Cost Savings

Monthly savings achieved by streamlining one internal 4-agent call center.


So why don't LOs do their Follow-Up then?

LOs hate follow-up. They're right. Why?

Because they're wired for presenting to borrowers, and that's a far more valuable use of their time.

99% Perspiration, 1% Conversation

We get it. Everyone wants that Qualified Conversation with the interested borrower. You can't just hard pass on the hard work of follow-up though...

See how your sales organization compares to Best-in-Class.

Move on from the denial stage. Invest in a system to grind through the hard follow-up process, to produce Qualified Conversations for your loan officers.

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